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Invite your friends to Fonoma

1. Send invitations

You may send invitations via email, facebook, twitter, etc

2. Your friend gets 125 CUP

Your friend gets 125 CUP free extra gift added to the first recharge

3. You get 125 CUP

When your friend sends its first recharge,you´ll also get a 125 CUP gift


More Information

  • Your friends must register from an IP address that hasn't been used before in Fonoma, that is, a computer or mobile device that isn't known to Fonoma
  • The maximum number of invitations accepted in a 24 hour period is 10
  • The total number of invitations is limited to 50
  • Your friends must register to Fonoma using a valid email address
  • There is no promotion if recharge amount is less than 500 CUP
  • Your friend can only benefit once from this promotion. Only one promotion per IP address, credit card or PayPal account
  • To send the recharge a credit card, debit card or PayPal account are required