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DOUBLE Recharge for New Year + 15 CUC gift

From January 14-17

Fonoma gives you an extra 15 CUC gift alongside Cubacel Double Recharge. For example, if you send a 20 CUC recharge during January 14-17, your friend or relative in Cuba will get 20 CUC x 2 + 15 CUC = 55 CUC, as simple as that.

The fine print

  • The 15 CUC gift promotion only applies to your first recharge, subsequent recharges get the standard Cubacel Double Recharge price, which is still a great deal
  • There is no promotion if recharge amount is less than 20 CUC
  • You can only benefit once from this promotion. Only one promotion per IP address, credit card or PayPal account
  • To send the recharge a credit card, debit card or PayPal account are required

What is Fonoma?

A service to send a cellphone recharge to your friends and relatives in Cuba. It is fast, secure, and very simple to use.

A cellphone recharge is an excellent gift.

"estoy complacida mi familiar recibio la recarga gracias a ustedes se los agradesco sigan asi de eficientes saludo"

- Clara Lara (November 16 / 2015)

"Mi tía me confirmó que la recarga por Fonoma le llegó al instante. Es todo muy claro, sin cuentametuvidas"

- Karel Muñiz (September 3 / 2015)