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Who we are?

Aleco, graphic designer, illustrator and animator. He is a photographer and amateur filmmaker. Cartoons are his motivation.
Victor, designer, illustrator and part time artist. Detail and subtle cadence are essential for creative work. DJ and football player when time allows, passionate about the sea, countryside, and sunsets in family.
Yoana, content marketing, support. Art historian by profession and social communicator by vocation. Lover of old (and new) photographs and an inveterate talker. @yoatl88
Cecilia, marketing & support. Beholder anthropologist. She is learning the way to know 'por dónde le viene el agua al coco'. Writing in her blog L`Anthropoplogie and giving love to her entrepreneur project called Zropos. @antropoploga
Carlos Miguel
Carlos Miguel, developer, member of the web app development team. Software Engineer by profession. Nature lover, has a cat.
Hiram, cofounder. Before Fonoma, Hiram cofounded Revolico and Yagruma. He's a programmer that's rarely left alone to write code for long stretches. When he's not standing in front of a computer, he's training to finish a triathlon. @hcentelles
Gabi, part of the support team. Philologist by profession, has been meaning to run away from that but in the end she always returns. Likes where she works because, if she reclines, she can see the sea.
Ubaldo, cofounder. Mostly server side development, nibbles on product ideas and puts out fires. From previous lives there is Loquo and Yagruma. Nowdays, to keep his head in place, onto a Sopa vegetarian restaurant venture. @ubaldo
Charly, mathematician during day hours, programmer at night. Staying happy is his full time job. Some time ago tried to be a journalist.
JuanMa, web metrics, mathematician, dares to do some coding. In his free time is a guitar player of the avant-garde power trio Perfume de Mujer.
Javier, software developer. Computer Scientist by profession with an enormous interest in computer vision field. Sports lover and volleyball player on weekends.
Betty, developer, member of the mobile app development team. Automatic engineer by profession and dogs lover. She has a playful and loving dog.
Wilber, web developer, passionate about tech and Android development. Automatic engineer able to revive any electronic device and weekend pro football player.
Where are we?

We're a small team spread out thin between Barcelona, Madrid, Paris y Quito.

How young is Fonoma?

Fonoma is pretty young, the site was launched in August 2013.