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Recharge cellphones in Cuba

Find out how Fonoma is used from 4672 cities.

Surprise your friends and relatives in Cuba!

A cellphone recharge is an excellent gift for your friends and relatives in Cuba.

Fonoma is secure, reliable and simple to use. Do you know about Cubacel double recharge?

Payment when the recharge gets to Cuba

Your credit card or PayPal account is charged only when Cubacel confirms that the recharge has reached Cuba.

Highest level of security, we don't even store your Credit card or PayPal payment details in our servers.

How long does it take to recharge?

In most situations, sending a recharge to your friends and relatives in Cuba takes less than one minute.

You'll be notified by email after your recharge completes. Optionally, you may send an SMS with a personal note along with your recharge.

Invite your friends

Your friends get 5.00 CUC on their first recharge and you algo get a 5.00 CUC gift.

You can invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Send invitation

Give 5.00 CUC. Get 5.00 CUC

Invite your friends

Questions about how Fonoma works?

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